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Ready to go deep? 

See what participants say after experiencing the InnerGuidance™ System guided framework for the first time.

IGI offers a unique framework for accelerated transformation. Our goal is to support your next-level coaching success so you can bring this profound transformation to others.


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The InnerGuidance™ Coaching Method is a proven transformational, therapeutic, self-discovery method that can help you deliver high-value results, to growth-minded clients, ready for greater fulfilment in their lives.  




Who becomes an InnerGuidance™ Coach?


InnerGuidance™ Coach Certification Training is for serious learners seeking advanced life coaching skills that benefit in the areas of emotional healing, behavioral & belief system changes, greater self-awareness, and relational intelligence with personal & professional communication education. This training is for all kinds of practitioners both experienced and emerging. Registration is currently by admissions call only. Please apply below.


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What level of experience do I need to attend?

InnerGuidance™  Coach Certification Training welcomes all levels of dedicated learners: coaches, experts, space-holders, therapists, facilitators, practitioners, anyone ready to catalyze greater transformation, and up-level their contribution and impact with coaching. About half of our students are new to coaching and half are already well established in coaching or their profession.  Either way, come prepared to greatly expand your understanding of yourself and what's possible with the InnerGuidance™ System.

The Schedule

14 Week training, once a week excluding holidays plus complimentary on-going Alumni Collective Live Q&A. 

Wednesdays 9am to 12noon Bali time

Possible alternative group for Europe:

Wednesdays 4pm to 7pm Bali time
please inquire

Training is taught live by Amara Samata.

Check your corresponding local time. These schedules have been set to accommodate both USA and Asia, Europe, Australia.


The Program

All who complete the training will receive:

  An InnerGuidance™ Coach Certificate of Completion from the InnerGuidance™ Institute. Plus:

Workbook, scripts and summary sheets

Class recordings and audio tutorial library

Live practice demos, Q&A, group text chat, homework practice material and access to IGI Alumni practice participants pool and possible paid coaching opportunities.

Brand kit & contracts.


Basic FAQ's for more indepth information download the CCT training intro kit