Hey Facilitator,

Ready to take your clients to full body breakthrough? 

Watch a 30 minute hands-on InnerGuidance™ journeywork session.

InnerGuidance™ Coaching meets the Mat! This is a unique framework for accelerated transformation in a hands-on application. Our goal is to support your next-level facilitating success so you can guide profound breakthroughs in others.

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About The Facilitator Certification Training


21 Day live training in Bali

March & November 2023


InnerGuidance™ Journeywork facilitation is a proven therapeutic transformational in-person, hand-on, facilitation method that delivers deeply impactful sessions to growth-minded clients ready for integral changes in their lives.  




Who becomes an InnerGuidance™ Facilitator?


InnerGuidance™ Facilitator Certification Training is for serious space holders seeking advanced hands-on, healing-support skills that benefit in the areas of emotional healing, behavioral & belief system changes, greater self awareness, trauma healing, spiritual understanding and aligned purpose. 


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What level of experience do I need to attend?

InnerGuidance™ Facilitator Certification Training welcomes all levels of dedicated learners: facilitators, experts, space-holders, therapists, coaches, practitioners, anyone ready to catalyze greater transformation, and up-level their contribution and impact with facilitating. About half of our students are new to facilitating and half are already well established in their profession. Either way, come prepared to greatly expand your understanding of yourself and what's possible with the InnerGuidance™ System.

The Schedule

21 Day training, plus complimentary on-going Alumni Collective Live Q&A.

10am to 6pm Daily Bali time 


The Program

  Workbook, a/v tutorials, demos, practice time, Q&A, support material, daily training.

Brand kit & business growth goals model.


Basic FAQ's for more indepth information download the CCT training intro kit