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About the InnerGuidance Method™ 


The InnerGuidance Method was developed over a 10-year progression, supporting more than 2000 clients including billionaires, backpackers, couples and teens in 1-to-1 sessions. 

InnerGuidance Coaching is an empowering, therapeutic life coaching methodology. It offers a spectrum of support that's adaptable to you and your clients needs  engaging our natural physical, emotional, logical and intuitive intelligence for embodied evolution. 

Through a unique, self-inquiry-based process (written, spoken and/or somatic) participants accelerate inner conflict resolution, greater actualised potential and relationship optimisation.


About the Upcoming Training & Certification Programs


Foundation Training


Principles of Empowerment:

InnerGuidance Method™ Unlocked Certificate of Training & Prerequisite program

Launching Feb 2024 Registration opening soon 

  • If you're ready to learn in-depth empowerment principles and practices that accelerate big transformations starting from within, this is for you.
  • This training the prerequisite to all further certifications. It's the foundational must-know course to ascend the InnerGuidance training ladder. 
  • Beta students report it to offer perception shifting knowledge even for those with degrees.
  • It's for participants ready to up-level their wisdom and purpose-driven service work so they can deepen their understanding of moving-the-needle and making change last.
  • Participants are able to use our signature 8 Core Confessions self acknowledgment practice as a clarity building modality in their tool kit.
  • Available by course registration.

Enrichment Trainings
Welcome to the Empowerment Yoga Movement
IGY: InnerGuidance Yoga™
Your Yoga + InnerGuidance Method™ On The Mat

Launching May 2024

  • If you're a yoga enthusiast or instructor wanting to elevate your personal practice or contribution bringing accelerated inner development into the practice, this is for you. 
  • If you're a certified Yoga Practitioner additional YTT hours may apply*.
  • You'll be able to offer Empowerment Yoga class backed by the style of yoga you're already trained in.
  • Available by course registration.


IGM Breathwork
Your Breathwork + InnerGuidance Method™ With The Breath

Launching July 2024

  • If you're a breathwork enthusiast or instructor wanting to elevate your personal practice or contribution bringing accelerated inner development to breathwork, this is for you.
  • You will be able to offer Breathwork IGM sessions backed by the style of breathwork you're already trained in. 
  • Available by course registration. 


InnerGuidance Somatics

Launching Sept 2024

  • If you're a somatic facilitator, energy worker, cranial-sacral practitioner, body worker, healer or embodiment enthusiast wanting to elevate your personal practice or contribution bringing accelerated inner development to the physical or energetic wellness, this is for you. 
  • You'll be able to bring InnerGuidance Somatics to your physical/energetic wellness practice personal or professional.
  • Available by course registration.


Advanced Trainings
InnerGuidance Coach Certification
Become Certified and learn a powerful method for lasting change

March / Aug 2024

  • If you're a coach, therapist, leader, mentor or consultant seeking more fulfilment and growth in your expertise with greater impact, outreach & income, this is for you.
  • If you're a professional-minded person seeking a meaningful life, career or supplemental career change, this is for you.
  • If you're a founder or leader seeking cutting edge skills to elevate your team or tribes expansion, this is for you.
  • Graduates are able to offer InnerGuidance Coaching packages and be eligible to conduct signature coaching programs for individuals and groups as a certified InnerGuidance Coach in our growing membership.
  • Available by application approval.
  • Syllabus downloaded here (in process).
    • Prerequisite: Principles of Empowerment Completion Test
    • 12 week online live learning group training plus practice lab
InnerGuidance Advanced Facilitator Certification Become a Certified Facilitator of
Manafestah™ | InnerGuidance In The Deep™ | Soul Shaker™ Retreat

November 2024

  • For our Certified Coaches who want to learn full scale embodiment coaching and advanced transformational processes.
  • Graduates can run Soul Shaker™ InnerGuidance Method 3-Day Reset Retreat
  • Available by application.
  • 2 weeks in BALI


InnerGuidance Mediator Certification: Couples & Families

Launching 2025-2026

  • For our Certified Coaches who want to learn in-depth relationship coaching for couples, families, teens, T.E.A.M (time, energy, assets & money) mediation.
  • Available by mentorship program application.


InnerGuidance Corporate Trainer

Launching 2025-2026

  • For our Certified Coaches who qualify to be a part of our corporate training team for schools and businesses, M&A and entrepreneurial divisions.
  • Available by  mentorship program application. 

Master Training
InnerGuidance Institute Trainer
  • For our Certified Coaches who qualify to lead IGI certification trainings 
  • Available by invitation.

From The Founder

Guiding others to actualize their greater potential while growing ourselves is one of the most fulfilling experiences we can have in life.
I know because I've been doing just that for well over a decade.


Whether you're a coach, wellness practitioner or a person dedicated to finding out what's possible when you take your area of interest or expertise to the next level... at InnerGuidance™ Institute we support all courageous seekers in finding their greater potential in service.


Testimonials From Our Global Alumni


Working with Amara is truly a life-changing experience

“The InnerGuidance process and training has helped me radically expanding my personal growth and business success. I found the courage to unite my talents and passions into a thriving online training and retreat business. InnerGuidance work is the breakthrough framework I use to get powerful results in coaching. I so treasure my time as Amara's student and recommend her training to anyone seeking high value tools for growth and transformation.”


- Corona Meerman, Netherlands

Owner of, Founder of, InnerGuidance™ Facilitator

Amara was able to help me awaken to my greater purpose and calling

“I birthed the vision of Sacred Sons during my training at IGI. Amara's program is like no other; advanced, accelerated, profound. Her tools are some of the best in the world and her teaching style, curriculum and wisdom is artistry. You will leave the training a better version of yourself. Amara is humble, humorous, a true self-realized sage who can balance being both gentle and strong. She's the full on real deal.”


- Aubert Bastiat, USA

Co-Founder of, InnerGuidance™ L2 Facilitator, Certified Resiliency Coach at HeartMath Institute, Trauma Informed Men's Coach

Amara's wisdom is seriously beyond

“I've studied with Amara since 2013 and assisted at the beginning of her trainings programs before I launched my own school online and in Chile. I recommend Amara as a coach, couples mediator and her Institute trainings to all my clients and students. She is my friend and mentor personally, professional and spiritually. Knowing her has made me a better person. Her wisdom is seriously beyond and I look forward to more collaborations in the future.”


- Javiera Correa, Chile

Owner of,, Conscious Manifesting Coach and Master Trainer, NLP Practitioner, InnerGuidance™ Facilitator

When I discovered Amara's method, I was awestruck

“Having taught yoga and trained yoga students for 15 years at some of the most prominent studios in the world, I was looking for a complimentary program that could really accelerate the growth and wellness of myself and my students. Amara makes the magic of transformation both practical and accessible. I'm so excited to be collaborating with her to bring InnerGuidance self-transformation work onto the mat combining the best of self-inquiry and yogic embodiment.”


- Byron de Marse, USA - Bali

RYT® 500 Instructor Byron Yoga, Co-Creator InnerGuidance Yoga™, InnerGuidance™ Facilitator, IGS Coach™

Amara's wisdom and guidance are a must

“The InnerGuidance work and training experience has been an impactful part in my evolutionary journey. After my studies at InnerGuidance Institute I was able to focus even more clearly on my mission and take my personal and professional work even further. Amara's wisdom and guidance are a must for anyone seeking to unravel the mysteries of life and bring more clarity and depth to their skill set and spiritual journey.”


- Yana Fry, Russia - Singapore

Spiritual Teacher, Life Coach, International Mentor and Soul Illuminator, Host of Timeless Teachings Podcast, InnerGuidance™ L2 Facilitator

Since I first worked with Amara, I wanted to study with her

“The IGS Coaching Training was exactly what I was looking for and more. I'm able to expand my depth and reach for transformational support with both my mentorship clients and participants in other programs, personally, in their relationships, communication styles and in those deeper spiritual areas as well. I highly recommend IGS and the InnerGuidance work for those who love to learn and are willing to make a difference in the world.”


- Frank Pynakker, Australia

Owner of, Energy Healer, Breathwork, NLP, Hypnosis, Reiki, TimeLineTherapy, IGS Coach™

This work is so transformative and eye-opening

“I can't say enough about how powerful my experience was learning InnerGuidance with Amara. It was after my training that I decided to return to Sweden and convert my home into a healing center. I was co-leading sold out retreats in year one. I love how compatible this work is with other modalities for wellness growth and spiritual development. Amara came and taught at our center as we launched. She's so supportive a genuine pure soul, a motherly friend and wisdom keeper sharing generously with us all. Thank you Amara!”


- Ingrid Hermansson, Sweden

Founder of Himladal - sanctuary for healing and transformation, InnerGuidance™ L2 Facilitator

Super deep and totally worth it

“Having taught for many years, it was important for me to find a teacher that could advance my skills and offer an experience that would allow me to deepen into my own inner wisdom. Amara is certainly that person and I've loved all the programs I've attended. I was also able to collaborate on a retreat with Amara and bring the deep journey work together with Yoga and Shamanic Practices to my students. If you're curious what's possible through InnerGuidance - go for it!”


- Johnson Chong, Singapore - Australia

Founder of, Exodus Retreats, Sage Sapien Soul Academy, InnerGuidance™ L2 Facilitator, Shamanic Journey, Senior Pilates & Yoga Facilitator, Dharma Teacher, Best-selling & Award-winning Author at Sage Sapien

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