Corona Meerman


Owner of, Corporate Training, Founder of, InnerGuidance Facilitator 

‚ÄúThe InnerGuidance process and training¬† has helped me radically¬†expanding my personal growth and¬†business success. I found the courage to unite my talents and passions into a thriving online training and retreat business. InnerGuidance work is the breakthrough framework I use to get powerful results¬†in coaching and working with Amara is truly a¬† life-changing experience. I so treasure my time as her student and recommend her training to anyone seeking high value tools for growth and transformation.‚ÄĚ

Aubert Bastiat

United States

Co-Founder of, InnerGuidance Facilitator, Certified Resiliency Coach at HeartMath Institute, Trauma Informed Men's Coach

‚ÄúI birthed the vision of Sacred Sons during my training at IGI. Amara's program is like no other. Advanced, accelerated, profound. She was able to help me awaken to my greater purpose and calling. Her tools are some of the best in the world and her teaching style, curriculum and wisdom is¬†artistry. You will leave the¬†training a better version of yourself. Amara is humble, humorous, a true self-realized¬†sage who can balance being both gentle¬†and strong. She's the full on real deal.‚ÄĚ

Javiera Correa


Owner of,, Conscious Manifesting Coach and Master Trainer, NLP Practitioner, InnerGuidance Facilitator 

‚ÄúI've studied with Amara since 2013 and assisted at the beginning¬†of her trainings programs before I launched my own school online and in Chile. I recommend Amara as a coach, couples mediator and her Institute trainings to all my clients¬†and students. She is my¬†friend and mentor personally, professional and spiritually. Knowing her has made me a better person.¬†Her wisdom is seriously beyond and I look forward to more collaborations in the future.‚ÄĚ

Byron de Marse

United States - Bali

RYT¬ģ 500¬†Instructor Byron Yoga,¬†Co-Creator¬†Empowerment Yoga, InnerGuidance Coach & Facilitator

‚ÄúHaving taught yoga and trained yoga students for¬†15 years¬†at some of the most prominent studios in the world, I was looking for a complimentary program¬†that could really accelerate¬†the growth and wellness of myself and my students. When I discovered Amara's method I was awestruck. She makes the magic of transformation both¬†practical and accessible. I'm so excited to be collaborating with Amara to bring InnerGuidance self-transformation work onto the mat combining the best of¬† self-inquiry and yogic embodiment. Amara is a master and a must for higher education.‚ÄĚ

Yana Fry

Russia - Singapore

Spiritual Teacher, Life Coach, International Mentor and Soul Illuminator, 

Host of Timeless Teachings Podcast: conversations with global people about consciousness and human development,   

InnerGuidance Adv. Facilitator

‚ÄúThe InnerGuidance work and training experience has been an impactful part in my evolutionary journey. After my studies at InnerGuidance Institute I was able to focus even more clearly on my mission and take my personal and professional work even further. Amara's wisdom and guidance is a must for anyone seeking to¬†unravel the mysteries of life and bring more clarity and depth¬†to their skill set and spiritual journey.‚ÄĚ

Frank Pynakker


Owner of,
Energy Healer, Breathwork, NLP, Hypnosis, Reiki, TimeLineTherapy, InnerGuidance Coach

“Since I first worked with Amara I wanted to study with her. The IGS Coaching Training was exactly what I was looking for and more.

I'm able to expand my depth and reach for transformational support with both my mentorship clients and participants in other programs, personally, in their relationships, communication styles and in those deeper spiritual areas as well. 

I highly recommend IGS and the InnerGuidance work for those who love to learn and are willing to make a difference in the world.‚ÄĚ

Ingrid Hermansson


Founder of Himladal - sanctuary for healing and transformation, InnerGuidance Adv. Facilitator

‚ÄúI can't say enough about how powerful my experience was learning InnerGuidance with Amara. It was after my training that I decided to return to Sweden and convert my home into a healing center. I was co-leading sold out retreats in year one. This work is so transformative and eye opening. I love how it's so compatible with other modalities for wellness growth and spiritual development. Amara came and taught at our center as we launched. She's so supportive a genuine pure soul, a motherly friend and wisdom keeper sharing generously with us all. Thank you Amara!‚ÄĚ

Johnson Chong

Singapore - Australia

Founder of, Exodus Retreats, Sage Sapien Soul Academy, InnerGuidance Adv. Facilitator, Shamanic Journey, Senior Pilates & Yoga Facilitator, Dharma Teacher, Best-selling Author at Sage Sapien

‚ÄúHaving taught for many years it was important for me to find a teacher that could advance my skills and offer an experience that would allow me to deepen into my own inner wisdom. Amara is certainly that person and I've loved all the programs I've attended. I was also able to collaborate on a retreat with Amara and bring the deep journey work together with Yoga and Shamanic Practices to my students. If you're curious what's possible through InnerGuidance go for it! Super deep and totally worth it!‚ÄĚ

Margie Bekker 

Russia - Bali

Founder of Freemocean, Creative Director SPICE Advertising, InnerGuidance Facilitator, Personal Transformation Coach, Psychology


‚ÄúAmara knows how to work with each student to bring out their gifts and unlock their courage and creativity. I've grown so much with her and I'm so thankful. InnerGuidance work is an accelerated and accessible¬†process for major life changes.¬†With a background in psychology, I can see this work goes deep and to the root creating lasting change. I use the InnerGuidance journeywork in my online membership and coaching services. It's so profound. Thank you Amara for what you do!‚ÄĚ

Mireille Goedkoop


Founder at Sparkle of Consciousness, Mede-eigenaar / Inspirator at Uitgeverij Het Noorderlicht and Founder at Ontwikkel je bewustzijn, InnerGuidance Adv. Facilitator

  "Studying with Amara has been an extraordinary experience. She is a true inspiration as to what is possible when you blend the intuitive wisdom with intentional tools for guidance. Her system inspired me to launch my own online training translated in Dutch. I feel InnerGuidance work is a process everyone should have a chance to experience. I can't recommend her enough."

Amma Sohia Rose

USA - Hawaii

Founder of SonicLoveAlchemy, SonicBowlAlchemy & Andara Love, Sophology Coach, InnerGuidance Adv. Facilitator


"Amara has been a sage, mentor, peer, someone I saw right away has the gift of bridging magic and logic. Her focus is unshakable and her teachings come from real understanding and experience. 

I enjoyed collaborating with her, having her at my retreats and teaching in hers. I would recommend her to anyone looking to take their gifts to a higher level. Her guidance is something special."

Mari Rasimus


Founder of Ruukin retriitit & Innerdance Finland, Co-Founder of Magnesia, Former Executive producer at Maikkari, InnerGuidance Facilitator
"The InnerGuidance Trainings and retreats in Bali and in Finland have been very powerful experiences for me. There has been so much joy and transformation through this work that has influenced my personal life and professional offerings.

I recommend InnerGuidance work and Amara's retreats and trainings to anyone wanting an in-depth exploration of their life's past, present awareness and future goals."

Jen Klein


Inner Wisdom Coach, Conscious Parenting Coach, Lawyer, InnerGuidance Adv. Facilitator


"Training with Amara has been a life-shifting experience. After touring with Amara as a Co-Facilitator, I was able start my own practice with a focus on parenting.

The InnerGuidance tools are a must in the field of transformational coaching. I recommend her to anyone ready for a deep discovery of their own inner wisdom and all those seeking valuable tools for greater self realization."

Joy Maziar

United States - Bali

Owner of, Medicine Woman, Bodyworker, Divine Feminine Mentor, InnerGuidance Adv. Facilitator 

"Working with Amara has taught me so much about my self and has helped me grow as a person, practitioner and mentor. I was able to apply the  InnerGuidance inquiry work to my body work sessions adding so much value. I've taken the tools into mentorship and retreat programs, really anywhere that values greater self awareness and inner understanding will align with InnerGuidance. If you are looking for powerful tools, teachings and teacher all in one, Amara is it."


Yelena Savinen


Owner of, InnerGuidance Adv. Facilitator


 "The InnerGuidance process has changed my life showing me the way into me. As a facilitator I love helping others experience the magic of their own inner wisdom and guidance. We really do have our own teacher within. 

I'm thankful to Amara for the work she does and the dedication she has doing all that she can to bring more light in the world!"

Jai Aitken

New Zealand

Owner of Counselor,
InnerGuidance Adv. Facilitator,
Conscious Evolutionist 


"InnerGuidance journey work is an accelerated pathway to greater self and life discovery. I'm so thankful for my time in Amara's trainings and for what I've learned. This program has helped me expand as a person and as a consultant and group leader. Amara holds a powerful container for transformation and her methods for self discovery and conflict resolution and understanding are pure gold."

Karolina Blaszkiewicz


Owner of Karolina Blaszkiewicz Consulting, Feminine Confidence & Embodiment, Mystical Journey Program, Spirituality & Trauma Informed Mentorship, 
InnerGuidance Adv. Facilitator 

"Amara Samata has been a huge influence in my life. A heart teacher, role model and mentor. Her methods and encouragement gave me the confidence to commit to what I love most, being of service to women and running retreats that allow me to travel and grow mixing my passion for dance, inner wisdom and feminine empowerment. She's been a catalyst for me and I recommend her to anyone advanced or beginning who is ready for their next level of expansion."

Yin Ling

Singapore - Bali

Owner and Founder of, Vocal Alchemist and Activator, InnerGuidance Adv. Facilitator


"Studying with Amara was profound period of my life. I was inspired to open a healing studio and later to expand my gifts as a vocalist and voice activation mentor and retreat leader. 

Amara's trainings are really impactful and they create a catalyzing effect. She is fun, friendly, insightful, razor sharp and the inner work really points you towards your true gifts. Thank you Amara!"  

Kyle Brennon

United States

Owner of Kyle Brennon Consulting, InnerGuidance Adv. Facilitator



"InnerGuidance Journey work and training gave me new skills to unpack deeper realizations about myself, my past and my path forward. Amara offers a wealth of wisdom in her trainings I was able to merge with consulting projects I'm involved in.

She's a powerful guide and her programs attract a lot of deeply integral people, all different and yet all sharing the goal of growth and expansion. 

I loved my time in her classes and I've benefited from her knowledge. Much gratitude."

Danielle Kort

United States

Owner of, Transformational Soul Coach I, InnerGuidance Adv. Facilitator, Ambassador for Unity Consciousness

"Amara is one of those rare souls who has truly dedicated her life to understanding greater human consciousness, sharing all that she has discovered with us so generously. I'm so thankful for what I've learned in her programs about myself and about how to more masterfully support others. She's an inspiration for beginners and experts alike.

Online or in-person, courses, workshops, trainings, whatever Amara offers I recommend you give it a try. High integrity, high value offers every time. Thank you Amara!"

Brenden Durell

United States

Owner of, Life Coach, Pachamama Guide, InnerGuidance Adv. Facilitator 


‚ÄúThe InnerGuidance journey¬†was a catalysts¬†for my greater life's work and purpose. In Amara's training many years back I was just opening to a new way of contributing. Transitioning from pro sports to supporting greater human potential through personal development. The InnerGuidance program for me, was one of those life changing¬†stepping stones on the path to success. Amara has a transmission. Something shifts when you sign up for the work. Highly recommended for doing the inner work yourself and learning the art of guiding others.‚ÄĚ

Alexandra Smyth

United States

Owner of Shift With Alex Holistic Coaching

Yoga, Fitness, Breathwork, Meditation, Sacred Circles

InnerGuidance Coach

"I joined the coaches training program at a time in my life when I was in a deep healing and transition period, personally and professionally. I was looking for a way to transition into a more fulfilling career where I felt both independent and stable.

IGS gave me the skills to execute high value coaching from the very start in my existing network. I'm so thankful to have learned how to align with my evolutionary self while helping others in the process.

Priceless lessons were learned. Extraordinary value."

Andrea Monika Wieser

Switzerland - Singapore - Bali

Former Private Banker, Speaker,¬†Mother, Lyme Disease Warrior,¬†Certified Yoga Teacher by Yoga Alliance (RYT¬ģ200) & Patanjali Yoga, India, InnerGuidance¬†Coach

After fighting Lyme Disease on my way to reclaim my health, I crossed path with many holistic healing modalities which all helped me to improve my physical health. After attending two of Amara’s retreats, which allowed me to shift out of a fear based life, I signed up to her 6 months private coaching program and broke my co-dependency patterns. I knew it was time to share the healing and transformation I had experienced with others. In the IGS Coaching Training I was able to develop the tools and confidence needed to help others. I am new to the coaching world but I know that thanks to my own journey and Amara’s training, I will be able to guide clients to reach their personal goals and discover their hidden potential."

Betty Schätzchen


Owner of
Unternehmer at Betty Schätzchen, Deaf Support Coach,
InnerGuidance Adv. Facilitator


"Bringing InnerGuidance Work to the deaf community was a beautiful and helpful experience.

I loved the work so much and Amara worked with me to accommodate my needs in the training. Such an impactful time in my life. 

Whatever your interests of service InnerGuidance Institute can help you discover your hidden potential.

Thank you Amara."

Aude Olivia

Canada - United States

Owner of, Body empowerment coach, InnerGuidance Adv. Facilitator and Product Strategist at Intrepid

"Meeting Amara was such an enriching experience. Her trainings are incredibly impactful and gave me a place to feel safe to go deep into my own inner wisdom and guidance. I love the journey work and the InnerMirror all the tools for self reflection and awakening to greater insight and realization. I look forward to seeing her work reach more and more people. She is that touchstone teacher offering the way to greater self understanding we need in the world. Thank you Amara for your dedication and sharing with us so graciously."

Zoey Sutra

United States

InnerGuidance‚ĄĘ Coach & Adv. Facilitator,
Life Coach, Studied at Sounds True,
Studied Sound Healing at California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) 

"I'm so thankful for all that I have learned from Amara. Since my training I've been able to transition into coaching full time and I love it!  Amara has a way of taking the most seemingly complicated matters and making them simple, logical and just make sense. Her tools have been instrumental in my growth and continue to be for my clients. I look forward to working with her again! Amara please bring back L2!"

Andrea E Nicholas

United States

Creatress at Andrea Nicholas, inviting women into the full spectrum of their womanhood, vocal alchemy, Feminine Embodiment & Pleasure Guide at, InnerGuidance Adv. Facilitator


"The Trainings at InnerGuidance showed me the power of self-healing and self-awakening. This work has shown me that I am on the right path and gave me even more confidence to let my gifts shine as a guide.

Thank you Amara for giving us a place to grow and thrive!"

Owen Yeoh

Singapore - India

The Middleist - Bringing Balance Back into Performance, personal development, corporate training, meditation, InnerGuidance Coach

"The InnerGuidance Method CoachTraining has changed the way I look at coaching/training and given me new enrichment skills for supporting greater insight, clarity and change with private clients and in corporate programs. 

Im so thankful for the new insights not only for others but for myself. IGM work really gets to the core of any challenge and empowers the participant to choose with greater clarity what is best for themselves and their company. 

I've taken away a greater sense of purpose, confidence, inner clarity and gratitude for this amazing opportunity to evolve."