Unlock your InnerGuidance™ System


The InnerGuidance™ System || IGS, offers accelerated, in-depth, self and relational understanding through proven communication models and answer-based inquiry frameworks. We work with your total self intelligence:  physically, energetically, emotionally, cognitively and intuitively to help you:

  • Break through cognitive dissonance
  • shift co-dependent patterning
  • Restore personal well-being
  • Access your greater human potential
  • Uplevel your holistic RQ - relational intelligence
  • Find greater fulfilment personally, spiritually & professionally
  • Build and rebuild relationships that truly thrive

Our Mission

To inspire a culture of greater trust, truth & transparency for a thriving humanity through our expanding educational services.  

The Programs

  • Coaching || InnerGuidance™ High Integrity Coaching: Write to us to find a coach

  • Tours & Retreats || InnerGuidance™ Soul Shaker™ Retreat Intensives: Public & Private

  •  Professional Trainings || IGS Certification Programs online and in Bali: For Coaches, Facilitators & Experts


Upcoming Programs 2023 || Group Coaching - Courses for Couples - InnerGuidance Yoga Certification


The Founder

Amara Samata started 10 years ago offering intuitive personal and group breakthrough sessions on her living room floor by donation. Today not only does she work with industry leaders and serious seekers but she also trains people dedicated to enriching the lives of others to coach and facilitate using the InnerGuidance™ System for catalyzing extraordinary breakthroughs.


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