Unlock your InnerGuidance‚ĄĘ¬†

It all starts with you

At the core of all trauma is misunderstanding or missed understanding about yourself and/or others. When you commit to greater self knowing the way you look at the world changes, and so do your actions.  You become aligned authentically, capable of greater discernment and true power. We call this empowerment. As humans, it time to mature, to grow wiser in our full intelligence in omni-considerate ways for the best of ourselves and for our humanity.


The InnerGuidance¬†Method‚ĄĘ¬†offers accelerated, in-depth, self and relational breakthrough understanding through proven communication models and therapeutic answer-based inquiry frameworks to help you:

  • Break through misunderstandings even if they have been a part of your early conditioning¬†
  • shift co-dependent patterning into healthy relating and collaborating
  • Restore personal well-being even in times of crisis and challenge
  • Access your greater¬†purpose and¬†potential both inside you and in the opportunities you attract
  • Up-level your holistic RQ -¬†relational intelligence¬†in all your relationships from friends to life & business partners
  • Find greater fulfilment personally, spiritually & professionally
  • Offer you skills for¬†self and relational mastery

Our Mission

To inspire a collective culture of greater trust, truth & transparency for a thriving humanity through empowered education. 

The Founder

Amara Samata started 10 years ago offering intuitive personal and group breakthrough sessions on her living room floor by donation. Today she works with couples and their families to build a culture of greater integrity in their lives and with industry leaders, personally and professionally, to elevate their greater self understanding and insight. 
She is dedicated to enriching the lives of others teaching the InnerGuidance Method mediation frameworks catalysing extraordinary breakthroughs globally, elevating what it means to truly thrive in life, love and legacy.


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